zmaster -- automatically maintain nameserver zone files


 zmaster special-zone-name


 Zmaster is a tool for maintaining named.boot include files.  It is 
 meant to be run periodically on secondary name servers so that they 
 can automatically discover what zones (domains) they should be transfering
 (secondarying) from the primary server.
 To do this, the primary server must tell them which domains to take.
 This is done by creating a special zone that can be listed to find
 out which zones should be taken.
 In this special zone, there should be a host called 'ns'.  This host
 should have an A record that specifies a nameserver that can provide
 a listing of the hosts in the special domain.


 The following examples should illistrate what's required to run this.


 In the named.boot file on the secondary system, include a line like:
 include /etc/named/
 In the named.boot file on the primary system, include a line like:

special zone file

 In the special zone file, in this case,, include the 
 @       IN      SOA (
                         1996031908 86400 3600 2592000 86400 
         IN      NS
         IN      NS
 @                       IN      A
 ns                      IN      A               IN      A             IN      A
 This establishes that two domains ( and are to
 be transfered.  They are to be transfered from the address given in the
 corrosponding A record.  The listing of this information will come from  In addition, there is a host, defined
 that will be ignored by zmaster.


 David Muir Sharnoff, <>


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